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"Okay, so I was thinking - I have the weekend off, and how about I visit my daughter in your new home?" - "What? You... want to come over?"

- Synopsis -

When Heather's mother invites herself for dinner, she expects to meet her daughter and her girlfriend.
Wait, girlfriend? Heather has no girlfriend! She has two days to find herself someone who poses as her girlfriend for that dinner...

- About -

Love is in Bloom is a trope-y, gay romcom with Magical Girls.

- Features -

Heather can date all the girls (except her mom and Noodle)
cute Sprites, BGs and CGs
15k words
queer themes

Every cent goes straight (ha!) to my ongoing BL18+ project Ego Holic.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withRen'Py
TagsComedy, LGBT, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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This was such a cute game. I was especially charmed by Canna, but I liked every character, and the sprite style really made the simplistic backgrounds work! I also could really, really releate to Heather's chats with macha. Like, the "oh my god i'm SO GAY" thing, like - same buddy. same. girls are very, very great.

There were a couple of little grammer errors here and there I noticed, though! Easy to slip through the cracks in a NaNo project, but it might be worth your time to go over the script again and bug hunt. Finland, for example, only has one n.

I very much liked how casually Jasmine's identity was discussed, and that it was included in the first place! A very pleasant surprise for me.

One little thing that -would- have been cool is if, on Iris' route, Heather's mother hadn't been called away to work. When I realized Iris' twist, I immediately thought, "OH, THAT'S WHY HER MOM GETS CALLED AWAY, Iris is running around being a dark magical girl to fill the time while she's staying out of Heather's hair", but... That didn't end up being the case. Ah well, it was a little thing!

Overall, I enjoyed this game a lot. Thank you very much for making it! We always need more good GxG games.

Thank you very, very much for playing my game! And of course, leaving such a great comment!

Yes, time really put me under pressure and my proof readers didn't catch everything... I've gotta polish it and upload it again.

Canna is my favorite character, although she wasn't when I planned her route - it was more of a 'Where do I wanna go with this?' and it turned into a real romcom. (Mission accomplished.)

I'm glad you enjoyed the game despite Iris' route being so short! :) And yes, there can't be more GxG VNs.