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lovely game! it feels very much like the beginning of an adventure :) i want to donate but i can't figure out's tip system... are you on any other platforms for that?

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment!

I'm a bit stumped you want to tip me, thanks! My paypal ( is always open - I have KoFi, too, but I can't remember my username OTL

Hope you have a great day!

Short and funny little story. I like it

nice game made a let's play of it :D

Wow, thanks a bunch! I'll watch it later tonight (while eating fries ;D)

nice :) thanks

I loved the aesthetics and the setting. I think the characters are interesting enough for an expansion, if you're looking to make the game a bigger thing. Or maybe a waiting tables minigame where Jack is forced to help, lol.

The screen was smol, but like you said, it's a smol game. Also a pretty fun game.

Lots of opportunities to expand on, but I'm afraid I'll leave it as that. Maybe one day, when my coding skills are better, I'll revamp it.

Thanks a bunch for playing!

i like it !!!! COOL GAME :)

Thanks, dude!!